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Weston 82-0102-W Electric Meat Grinder with Tomato Strainer Kit

The Weston brand 5-Meat Grinder grinds fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts for more healthy meals. Make sausages where you control the ingredients. This item features a Powerful 200-watt motor an


Espoma GT4 4-Pound Garden-Tone 3-4-4 Plant Food

Espoma gt4 4-pound garden-tone 3-4-4 plant foodA complete plant food with all 15 essential nutrientsOriginally developed for professional gardenersComplex blend of natural or


Tomato Container Gardening Tips: How To Grow Delicious Tomato Varieties In Pots

How Tomato Container Gardening Tips Will Help You Are you one of the thousands of hobby gardeners growing tomatoes? Tomatoes are the number one plant grown to provide food for the househ


Bonide 167 1-Quart RTU Rot-Stop Tomato Blossom End Rot

Bonide 167 1-quart rtu rot-stop tomato blossom end rotCorrect calcium deficiencyControls blossom end rot on tomatoes and other vegetablesApply to developing fruit and foliage


Gardener's Blue Ribbon STEZ1 Stake-It-Easy Plant-Staking System

The patent pending design of Stake It Easy grows taller (up to 6 feet) and wider as your plant grows, supporting each growing branch. To assemble, just snap together. Then adjust the height and width


Glamos 232129 Blazing Gemz Square Plant Support, 42-Inch, Emerald Green

The Glamos Blazing Gemz Emerald Green 12-inch wide by 42-inch high square plant support will brighten your garden. These can be folded for easy off season storage. Available in Sapphire Blue, Amethyst


Tomato San Marzano Great Heirloom Garden Vegetable 100 Seeds By Seed Kingdom

78 Days. From Italy. Compact and prolicic producer of bright-red, slim, 2-3 inch, plum-type, fruit over a long season. A paste tomato with pointy end, heavy walls and little juice, so it's great for t


Hydrofarm MGMLP1 Active Air 3-Way pH, Light and Moisture Meter

Gardeners can conveniently test their moisture, light, and pH levels with the handy ActiveAir 3-Way Meter. Moisture readings register on a scale of 0 (dry) to 10 (moist), light readings range from 0 (


Hydrofarm MT10006 9-by-19-1/2-Inch Seedling Heat Mat

The Seedling Heat Mat uses 17 watts to warm root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature and improve seed germination and increases the success of seedlings and cuttings. UL listed, waterproof


Dalen Gardeneer AU-16R Tomato Tray, Red

Tomato tray reflects red light back to plants which helps stimulate growth. Split tray design for easy installation around plant stem. Increases tomato plant yield by up to 40 percent. Helps protect a


10 Plastic Seed Starting Trays - Each Tray Has 18 Cells ~ Cells Are 3 Inch Square At the Top and 3 Inch Deep ~ CAN Be Separated Into 18 Separate Pots

Seed starting trays are great for use in any garden indoors or outdoors and they can be cleaned and reused again and again. Each cell measures: 3 Inch square At the Top and 3 Inch Deep. You can separa


Gardener's Supply Organic Tomato Fertilizer, 5 Lbs.

Our slow-release granular fertilizer (5-6-5) gives your tomatoes all the nutrients they need, including plenty of phosphorus for big, abundant fruit. For a healthy start, mix a handful into the soil a