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FoxFarm FX14051 FoxFarm Peace of Mind Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer 7-4-5

Peace of mind tomato and vegetable organic fertilizer brings more nutrition to your table. This tomato and vegetable formula is pH balanced with premium organic ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal,

Orange Kentucky Beefsteak Tomato Seeds- Organic- 25+ 2015 Seeds

PLEASE NOTE: Seeds’ Buddy and Seedbaby do not sell our seeds, so if you click on the button to buy from them you will receive seeds from China. To buy from us, you need to click on the “Oh

Mary Lake-Thompson Seed Packet Towel Heirloom Tomato Bt1261

Charm your guests in the kitchen with a fabulous vintage look flour sack towel. For years, flour sack towels were the work horses of everyday kitchen life! Made of 100% quality cotton from Egypt or In

Tomato: A Fresh-from-the-Vine Cookbook

Juicy and delicious, there’s nothing like the summery taste of fresh tomatoes. Explore new ways to enjoy your favorite fruit with this mouthwatering collection of 150 recipes for tomato-based appeti

Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime Seasoning (2-Resealable Bags, 1 Pound each)

Pickling Lime for extra crispness & flavor. Food grade calcium hydroxide with no additives or preservatives. Old South Cucumber Lime Pickles recipe on back of package. 2-Resealable Bags. (1 Poun

Beefsteak Cherokee Purple (Heirloom) Tomato 200 Seeds By Jays Seeds Upc 643451294620

The flesh is brick-red and very attractive sliced on a plate. Plants produce large vines that yield tomatoes fully 5″ across and 3½” deep. HEIRLOOM. Its flavor is rich and full-often com

Triprel Inc Lightweight 225 Ultra-thin White LED Grow Light Panel w/ Powerful UFO SMD LEDs for Hydroponic Indoor Garden

Features: • The lumen of each upgraded LED with High-efficient and energy-saving design. • Optical Lens added on each SMD LEDs to keep the effective light particles, avoid lumens depreciation and

Gardening: Hydroponics for Self Sufficiency - Vegetables, Herbs, & Berries (Herbs, Berries, Organic Gardening, Canning, Homesteading, Tomatoes, Food Preservation)

Grow Your Favorite Foods All Year Round! With your hydroponic system, you can grow a huge variety of vegetables, fruits, melons, and herbs: Artichokes Broccoli Beans Onions Tomatoes Lemon Balm

12-Ft Rubber-Coated Flex Plant Wire - Support Plant Vines, Stems & Stalks - Easy Cut to Size

Flexible foam-rubber cord with bendable steel wire core – bend or twist and it holds shape Perfect for tying vines to stakes or trellises; support fruit-laden branches & anchor against wi

Safer Brand 24 oz Ready to Use Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer 5095

The Safer Brand Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer combines the effectiveness of pyrethrins and potassium salts of fatty acids and kills on contact but does not harm your plants. Targets and kills aph

Hydrofarm GCTC 4 foot Tomato Cage - Modular Tomato Tower with 4 Support Rings

The 4′ Tomato Tower with support rings is a versatile garden accessory. This tomato cage was designed to fit in our Tomato Barrel but it works just as well as a stand-along tomato cage that can

Plant & Flower Clips (Pack of 40)

Nice clips ensure plants’ healthy growing. We offer the best products with affordable prices. Your satisfaction is our priority. supporting seedlings spring steel wire is waterproof and rustpro