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You Bet Your Garden Guide to Growing Great Tomatoes: How to Grow Great-Tasting Tomatoes in Any Backyard, Garden, or Container

Organic gardener Mike McGrath shows gardeners of all skill levels how to grow a wide variety of great tasting tomatoes anywhere they have a place to plant seeds.

Woodstream Corp 5160

The Safer Brand caterpillar killer with B.t. utilizes Dipel (bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki) which, once ingested by the wayward caterpillar or worm, kills them within a few days.Kills c

Winchester Gardens 18 Count Tomato Fertilizer Spikes Bag

Winchester Gardens' Tomato Fertilizer Spikes are easy to use and give your plants exactly what they need to produce juicy red tomatoes. Watch those seedlings grow and ripen into plump, mouth-wateri

Weston 82-0102-W Electric Meat Grinder with Tomato Strainer Kit

The Weston brand 5-Meat Grinder grinds fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts for more healthy meals. Make sausages where you control the ingredients. This item features a Powerful 200-watt motor an

Weston 67-1001-W Roma Tomato Press Sauce Maker

Quickly & easily purees fruits and vegetables for your favorite recipes.Simply turn the handle and the peels separate from the pureeProcess around 2 lbs of tomatoes per minute

Watermelon Beefsteak Tomato 25 Seeds - Impressive!

BEEFSTEAK TOMATO: The beefsteak tomato is one of the largest tomato cultivars, with some varieties weighing in at over 2 pounds per tomato. This meaty tomato is grown in a rainbow of colors, f

Wall O' Water Repair Kit-6 Pack

The Wall O' Water Repair Kit will repair many different types of plant protectors. To repair a broken cell, simply slide one of the Repair Sleaves into it and fill back with water.Repairs the

Victorio VKP250-5 4-Piece Accessory Kit for Victorio Model 250 Food Strainer

Expand the versatility of your Victorio model 250 food strainer. Kit includes four popular accessories designed exclusively for your Victorio model 250 food strainer so you can process all kinds of fr