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The Tomato Factory Planter, As Seen On TV

Easily grow beautiful and delicious tomatoes. No digging or weeding just fill, Plant & Water. Great for porch, deck or patio. The Tomato Factory provides better soil aeration and allows the sun to hea


720 Cells Seedling Starter Trays for Seed Germination +5 Plant Labels (120, 6-cell Trays)

Grow like a 'pro' with the proper tools of the trade! True professional grade, horticulture seedling starter trays. Flexible, durable soil plugs allow for easy seedling removal. Perfect for use with


Free Shipping 30 Brandywine Tomato Seeds Vegetable Heirloom Organic by Seeds and Things

The Brandywine Tomato dates back to 1885 and is regarded as one of the world's finest flavored 'beefsteak' tomatoes ever offered Just the thought of a juicy bite of a red, ripe tomato is enough to


Seed starter trays 96 DEEP EXTRA LARGE CELLS total (16 trays of 6 cells each) + 16 labels

These DEEP EXTRA LARGE CELLS give larger root balls so your plant will have a head start after transplanting. Each cell is 2 1/2'' W x 2 1/4" L and 3" deep. Light weight flexible plastic. Easy de-pott


Indoor Pharm Organic Insecticida Miticide and Fungicide, With Pure Rosemary Oil 33.8 fl. Ounce Spray Bottle (Pack of 2)

Indoor Pharm Concentrate is the FIRST insecticide made from certified organic soap, certified organic almond oilThis glycerin-based soap controls insectsPrevents fungal spores from tr


Bonide 167 1-Quart RTU Rot-Stop Tomato Blossom End Rot

Bonide 167 1-quart rtu rot-stop tomato blossom end rotCorrect calcium deficiencyControls blossom end rot on tomatoes and other vegetablesApply to developing fruit and foliage


2 x Seedling Tray Greenhouse Kit: 144 Cells with a Set of Two Drip Pans, Clear Domes, 10 Labels and

Essential, affordable and professional grade, Coconut Oasis (tm) has assembled a 3-stage system that gives gardeners of all skill levels the most effective tools and knowledge for successful gardening



Mist your new blooms with Tomato and Blossom Set Spray to increase the quantity of blossoms and the speed of fruit development (harvest up to 3 weeks earlier). Contains a hormone that is also effectiv


Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap, 32 oz.

The Safer Brand insect killing soap utilizes the power of potassium salts of fatty acids to weaken the insects waxy protective outer shell. Targets and kills aphids, earwigs, grasshoppers, harlequin b


Glamos 232129 Blazing Gemz Square Plant Support, 42-Inch, Emerald Green

The Glamos Blazing Gemz Emerald Green 12-inch wide by 42-inch high square plant support will brighten your garden. These can be folded for easy off season storage. Available in Sapphire Blue, Amethyst


Seeds of Change S10986 Certified Organic Arkansas Traveler Heirloom Tomato

Arkansas Traveler Heirloom Tender Annual 5-7-ounce (80-90-day)  Incredibly delicious, this classic pink heirloom has traveled widely because of its solid dependability and distinct flavor. Tolerates


Rot-Stop Tomato Rtu Qt (Sold by 1 pack of 12 items)

This item is sold by cases of: [12] items.Rot-Stop Tomato Rtu Qt - Rot-Stop Tomato Blossom End Rot corrects calcium deficiency. Controls blossom end rot on tomatoes, other vegetables. Apply to