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Expandable Trellis, N-Shape Weave Trellis, Plant Ladder, Support Ladder, Tomato Trellis, Cucumber Trellis, 1 Set

Our sturdy expandable trellis is an easy solution for vegetable support. Each trellis has four fiberglass rods with eighteen accessories . Simply insert the fiberglass rods into the earth, then instal



"GREEN LIGHT SALES CO" DIPEL DUST 1 lb For control of tomato hornworm, looper webworm armyworm cutworm Leaf roller, tomato fruit worm and other caterpillars For use on vegetables,fruit, ornam


The Heirloom Tomato Cookbook

Whether you say "to-may-to" or you say "to-mah-to," chances are you'll agree there's nothing like the taste of a sun-ripened heirloom tomatoand this beautifully photographed book is a cornucopia for t


Instructions for Growing Tomatoes: in the garden and greenhouse

An excellent text on tomato plant physiology, its fruiting habit, and the factors that lead to high fruit yield and quality. Written for both the home gardener and professional grower, this fantastic


247Garden 10

Dimensions 10" W x 20.75" L This heat mat is featured with low temperature and energy saving core heating materials. Carbon conductor layout is embedded in PET film to improve the life time of the


3 - Pk. Tomato Craters

Bigger tomatoes, faster, with a 3 - Pk. of Tomato Craters! SAVE BIG! It's so simple, but the result is so clear... healthier, more fruitful tomato plants in a hurry! These suppress weeds, block damagi


Panacea Products 89730 4-Panel Tomato and Plant Support Tower, Galvanized, Set of 3

Your tomato plants and other tall bushy, top heavy plants will thrive in these economical, yet durable plant support towers. Just unfold and create a square frame and push the four stabilizing legs in


Fertile Earth Simple Garden SG-Start-W 12-Inch Basil and Tomato Gardening Squared Starter Kit, Orange

The simple garden gives you everything you need to start your own garden today. The simple garden utilizes the square foot gardening method, but simplifies it even further. The 12 inch planters are de


20 Seeds Purple Cherry Tomato Garden Organic Heirloom Fruit Vegetable Plant

Vegetable20 SeedsPurpleCherry TomatoGarden OrganicHeirloom Fruit


Miracle Gro 100856 Shake N Feed Calcium for Tomatoes, 4.5-Pound

This shake n feed calcium for tomatoes plant food feeds continuously for up to 3 full months. Contains calcium to help grow better quality, longerlasting fruits and vegetables. Plus helps prevent comm


Panacea Products 89729 Tomato and Plant Support Cage, Galvanized, Set of 5

These economical conical shaped wire cages are a great way to support tomato plant or other garden and flowering plants.Set of 5 galvanized wire 42" cages for small tomato's & plantsS


Woodstream Corp 5160

The Safer Brand caterpillar killer with B.t. utilizes Dipel (bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki) which, once ingested by the wayward caterpillar or worm, kills them within a few days.Kills c